Security Bollards Sizes

Security bollards are barriers that protect properties and lives by controlling traffic; both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They are different from other types of barriers because they allow easy access of pedestrians passage.

Security bollards come in different sizes, designs  and shapes. If you’re wondering what sizes of bollards to install in your premise then this post is for you. The tips in this post will help you cover all the common sizes available in the market.

The size of the bollard is sometimes related to the purpose it’s to be used. For example, traffic bollard doesn’t require big pipes. Also the security bollards are  usually in bigger sizes, security removable bollard need lifting equipment if comes big size, for easy adjustment.

The following texts show the sizes of some common bollards: (141.3 mm OD) is a common size for traffic bollards and they are used a lot. Also, (219.1 mm OD) is common for security bollards. Less than (73 mm OD) is not practical and bigger than (355.6) is not in use, too big for bollards.

The pipe length is more than 3 meters, cutted to every industry, for bollards, the cutted piece must cover the part of the bollard underground and the part above. The height of the bollard above the ground is a common practice, 700mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200 mm, usually not less or more than this range.

In shallow mount bollard with minimal underground depth, few centimeters only for the shallow and the rest will be above ground. In the deep foundation bollards, the depth may exceed half of the height above the ground.