Bollard Definitions

Bollard Definitions Word Cloud
Bollard Definitions Word Cloud

Security Bollard

Security bollards are short vertical posts designed with impact resistance feature to block vehicle access and prevent contact against buildings, sometimes called HVM bollards. These bollards are found on old and modern streets and their designs are different depending on the preferences of the designer and the real purpose they serve.

In the past, these posts served various purposes including providing security on ships or for mooring on marinas. Today, they mostly serve as posts for controlling traffic flow, protecting pedestrians and securing buildings and stores from possible vehicle attacks or accidents. They may do this directly or indirectly depending on the manner in which they have been designed. The heights and shapes of security bollards vary depending on the purpose and other reasons.

Security bollards also extend the elegance of roads provided they have been properly positioned and they possess certain alluring features on their exterior surfaces. These features are the finishing and the color of the exterior surface or extra decorative elements attached to the exterior surface.

Security Bollard Structure

Security bollards may have different structures depending on the type and security level required. But their major components are the structural steel pipe and the foundation. An external pipe could be added for decorative features.

Central Bollard

The steel pipe extends from the foundation to above ground and that is designed to withstand impact since it is mostly made of structural grade and thick wall steel. This central pipe could be painted in any color or just galvanized.


This is the substructure of a bollard and is thus embedded into the ground. It can be made of concrete or high-grade steel the same as the core bollard. The depth of the foundation can be a minimum of 160 mm for steel shallow foundations. Some new designs have a core with a spring for purposes of facilitating flexing and absorption of energy caused by high impact. In such cases, the foundations may be as shallow as 200mm and 400mm for K4/M30 AND K12/M50 types respectively.

External Bollard

Sometimes referred to as the sleeve or the cover, it is the part that houses the central bollard and often comes to add a decorative feature with a base for attaching to a concrete surface. This cover can be stainless steel (304 or 316) or aluminum pipe. Polymer plastic, PVC, Powder Coating or thermoplastic coating could also be used.

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