Security Bollards Sleeves

Security Bollard Sleeves are one of the latest cost-effective inventions that we have around at this time. They are used to cover the bollards in order to enhance their maximum functionality and appearance.

Security Bollards Sleeves Infographic
Security Bollards Sleeves Infographic

Bollard covers are great alternatives to spending above the normal maintenance budget at the same time improving the decorative module of your environment.

They can come in a different form, the traffic bollard covers are usually made of recycled plastics with very obvious colors that enhance the easy siting of anyone driving along the street.

The decorative bollard covers are also used to enhance display for passersby and have areas secured at night. Some of them do come with LED lights which promote easy identification.

Bollard covers are very important on Security Bollards, they can be replaced in case of the small accident instead of replacing the whole bollard.

The main purpose of installing security bollards is to ensure safety and security in whatever locations they are placed. These bollards are usually plain and made of steel so as to be able to withstand great impact by vehicles or anything that might want to cause security breaches.

The bollards, however, as much as they need to secure, they also have to fit without disrupting the environment aesthetics, thus the need for bollard covers.

Bollard covers used on Security Bollards can come in different forms. They could be made of plastic, ductile iron, stainless steel, powder coating or aluminum.

The stainless sleeves have two types, the 316 for areas with humidity and 304 suitable for indoor use.

These materials must have the abilities to enhance an obvious site at the first look. They also must function to improve the environment beauty.

It’s very important to ensure the surface finish on security bollards as they make them more durable. Surface finish can be done with melted factory powder. This will help shield off any scratch made by harsh weathers, vehicles or pedestrians.