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Hospital Bollards

Using bollards in hospitals

Hospital houses patients who might have difficulty moving in case of an emergency, and also people who need urgent medical attention. As a result of this, security level in hospitals should be taken seriously.

Hospital Bollards Infographic

Installation of security bollards is a move many hospitals should make. It ensures security in and around the hospital and this is one way to prevent security threat and avoid undue emergencies.

The types of bollards you can use in a hospital include

Decorative bollards

This helps beautify the hospital premises and also helps control vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow. They have low impact rating, so they are not dependable for preventing fast moving vehicle infringement.

Security Bollards

In addition to controlling traffic flow, bollards are also used to prevent security attacks in a hospital. Security bollards have a high impacting rating and can prevent high-velocity cars and trucks from crashing into the hospital building.

In an emergency situation, bollards can help prevent confusion and ease movement. They are used to create a different lane for Emergency vehicles conveying the patients and other vehicles on the hospital premise. This helps the emergency patient to get intensive care quickly.

Merging decorative and security features in one bollard

Some hospitals invested in both decorative and security bollards. Having decorative bollards attached to the top of their security bollards to provide security against accidental crash and provide beautification at the same time.

Another option available is the shallow mount bollards with thin foundation. They are easy to install and save costs on installation compared to full depth bollards. In hospitals with underground facilities, this type of bollards provides the necessary security without disrupting any underground facility.

On a final note, both decorative and security bollards can be used in hospital settings to improve security level and enhance aesthetic appeal.

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