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K8 Crash Rated Bollards

The K8 rated Security Bollards can withstand the impact of a vehicle weighing 15,000lb moving at 40mph

Security bollards are structures that are mounted on the ground, made with materials like steel depending on the manufacturer. They are used to ensure security and improve orderliness in strategic places such as airports, army barracks, naval barracks, hospitals, schools etc.

There are different types of bollards that serve different functions. There are permanent bollards, retractable bollards, detachable, flexible and other types.

Based on their rating system, Bollards can either be Crash certified or Non-crash certified. This categorization is determined by whether the bollards pass or don’t pass the standard crashing test by the US Department of State and Department of Defense. These organizations allow bollards to be tested and the results bring the Crash certified bollards into three categories which are the K4 30 mph, K8 40 mph, and K12 50 mph.

The crash rating design can be verified by either physical test (full scale test) or by computer simulation (Engineered). However, the certificate will be issued to physical test only. Simulation test can be used if minor changes considered in the bollard after the full scale test.

The K8 rated Security Bollards can withstand the impact of a vehicle weighing 15,000lb moving at 40mph. Bollards under this category can be operated as a pneumatic or an electrically driven. It could also be a semiautomatic structure.

While the older DOS SD-STD-02.01 standard, K-Rating,  is now discontinued, other alternative standards used to test these bollards include:

Although these standards show bollard effectiveness in their own rating designation, it is ultimately based upon impact energy absorption capacity of the bollard.

The K8 Security Bollard application includes in airports, barracks in petrol stations and other sites. By installing K8-rated bollards on your premise, you are guaranteed that your security level can withstand a 15,000-pound vehicle moving at 40 mph.

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