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Safety Bollards

What are safety bollards?

Ever had issues with barricading vehicles or debarring people from a particular place? Safety bollards will help you do that with ease. Safety bollards are barriers designed to stop unauthorized vehicles or persons from a particular place. They are used to perform various functions such as road barricade, enhance visibility , traffic control and many more.

When bollard is called a safety bollard, it means the purpose of this bollard is to make a safe place for pedestrians. However, safety bollards can be crash rated to increase the safety level and to use it for both purposes, safety and security.

Safety Bollards Infographic

The application of safety bollard is not limited to the street barricade. It can be used in hospitals, petrol stations, restaurants, and several places to provide pedestrians safety.

Fixed Bollards

This type of bollards are fixed and are not easily removed after installation. Safety bollards would not be removable or retractable as both of these types are designed for building entrances to control vehicles access.

Safety bollards can also be decorated with electric lights. This makes them beneficial to use at pedestrian walkways where illumination is needed at night.

Applications of Safety Bollards


They help to control traffic flow. They also protect people and property from damage while creating space for pedestrians passage. They are usually installed to indicate direction path.


They are available in different styles and finishes that can enhance visibility. Stainless steel finish is most common finish for this type of bollards.

Simple Installation

Safety bollards are easily installed. They can be installed using the bolt down method or drop- inserts method. These methods allow them to be easily installed even on concrete floors.

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