The only impact-tested, manually operable security bollard available on the marketplace today.

The Steady Bollard is manually retractable and are one of the most economical forms of perimeter protection and anti-terrorism solution available. They are uniquely built to provide exceptional perimeter protection, easy to operate, as well as a highly competitive price.

This security bollard model is perfect for sites with few cross-traffic movements and commercial locations, where threats are more likely to come from lower velocity, smaller vehicles, and locations where the budget is a primary constraint.

Steady Bollard is the perfect choice for commercial areas and sites with low traffic movements.

Able to stop a 3,500 kg (3.85t) vehicle traveling at 48 kph (30 mph), the SP100 meets the BSI PAS 68 rating standards.

Internal pneumatic assistance makes raising and dropping so effortless and smooth that any user can raise or lower the barrier and requires no power, ducting, or rebar.

Manufacturing is done with high-quality strategies and materials to assure dependable protection of multiple types of premises.

A folding handle is fitted with the stainless steel model and a T handle is fitted with other models.

Manual Retractable, Auto Retractable, Removable or Fixed

PAS 68 Rating, 3,500 kg vehicle at speed of 48 kph