Shopping Mall Bollards

Using Bollards in Shopping Malls

There is a high level of vehicular and pedestrian movement around a mall premise. If you own a mall, you can prevent vehicle infringement on your store by installing bollards at strategic places around your mall.

Bollards are useful in malls for various reasons such as to control traffic flow, provide direction, protect stores against crashes either temporary or primary. Bollards can also be used in preventing raiding of stores with valuable goods.

Shopping Mall Bollards Infographic
Shopping Mall Bollards Infographic

Categories of Bollards

If you’re considering the right Bollard for your mall, the types of bollards available based on their security level and budget include:

  • Decorative bollards
  • Safety bollards
  • Security bollards
  • Fixed bollards
  • Removable bollards
  • Automatic bollards
  • Manual bollards

Decorative bollards

These are low impact rated- they are not built for security purpose. They are specifically designed to indicate direction and walkways. They also help to beautify parking lots and mall premises.

Safety bollards

They are designed with medium impact rating. They are able to arrest rolling vehicles or prevent accidental movement against your store. They’re commonly found around utility service to provide safety.

Security bollards

Bollards are heavy-duty. They are built to stop high impact crash such as infringement from heavy trucks.

Fixed bollards

These are the simplest and mo cost-effective . Most bollards in this category are concrete-filled steel. They’re either installed by digging into the ground on a footing or bolted to the ground surface.

Removable bollards

Most bollards in this category are stationary but they can be moved when temporary access is needed. They are commonly used in lanes and entrances to malls or commercial premises.

Manual bollards

These are extensions of removable bollards. You can manually lift them from their base mounts and store them aside while temporarily opening a passage.

Automatic bollards

They are temporary traffic control devices used in situations that require speed and efficiency.They come in hydraulic and pneumatic act and are expensive compared to manual bollards.

Shallow mounted bollards

Another option available is the shallow mount bollards with thin foundation. They are easy to install and save costs on installation compared to full depth bollards. They require minimal excavation for installation without disrupting any underground facility.

Depending on your budget and security level you need, the categories of bollards discussed above are ideal to ensure security and efficient traffic flow in your mall.

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