Landscape Bollards

Landscaping is a common feature among many industries. Bollards are used to complete the look and feel of landscaped areas such as in botanical gardens and parks, hotels, commercial districts and complexes, airports, and university campuses. Four types of bollards are used in landscaped areas. These are lighting bollards, landmarking bollards, protection bollards and decorative or garden bollards.

Landscape Bollards Infographic
Landscape Bollards Infographic

Lighting bollards

Lighting bollards are used to adorn landscaping work with the intention of providing low light at night time for pathways. They are a common feature in residential lawns, gardens, parks, commercial grounds, and other urban green spaces. They can be equipped with LED strips solar-powered or connected to underground electrical wiring.

Lighting bollards make gardens more picturesque. Increasingly, property owners of upscale commercial and residential developments use lighting bollards to replace fences or walls. They serve as an invitation for anyone to appreciate the green scenery surrounding a property.

Protection bollards

Asset protection bollards are used to protect essential equipment inside parks and other landscaped areas that are left unguarded for long periods of time. For example, protection bollards are used to protect water, electricity, and gas meters in parks and other publicly accessible areas which are easy targets for vandalism. Protection bollards are erected in front of ATM machines, vending machines, and other facilities to protect them from accidents by service vehicles.

Landmarking bollards

Landmarking bollards are used to outline the perimeter of a landscaped area. They create physical and visual barriers for vehicles without sacrificing aesthetics. Landmarking bollards are designed in such a way that it complements the aesthetic of a landscape or architectural style of a building or facility.

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