School Bollards

Using bollards in schools

Schools, particularly grads schools and colleges have become so massive they can be compared to towns and small cities. Schools are also one of the institutions that harbor the highest number of human beings. The number of schools being founded increases daily all around the world, ranging from crèche to colleges.

School Bollards Infographic
School Bollards Infographic

The need for to provide safety and security for the assets, infrastructures and most especially the students of the school should be the basic concern for the school founders.

One major approach to resolving these concerns is the installation of Bollards in schools. Bollards can play a pivotal role in ensuring protection and security while implementing architectural plans for school life.

Bollards are short poles of various sizes planted in strategic positions to serve as boundaries and to present demarcation to a site. They also help to control the traffic glide of vehicles and pedestrians.

Bollards can manage both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They are an efficient means of communicating the expected route people, bicycles, cars and trucks must take.

There are several kinds of Bollards that are used in various places – the permanent, safety, retractable, flexible etc. All these kinds of Bollards can be used in different locations in schools to ensure orderliness, security and safety.

The flexible bollards can be used on roads to coordinate vehicle movements. The retractable bollards can be placed at access points like the school stadium and other places in order to guide people going there.

The safety bollards can be used on the walk way of pedestrians as it alerts them on at approaching vehicles helps coordinate movement.

There are also decorative bollards which boosts the school aesthetic appeal. This form of bollards are surface mount and can be easily moved to different locations.

From all these, it will be a smart decision for school management to have bollards installed in schools in order to ensure proper organization.

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