Petrol Station Bollards

Using bollards in petrol stations

Petrol stations are believed to be one of the most visited places because they are the primary trade point of gasoline, a necessity for most people.

In places like this, it’s essential that adequate measures are put in place in order to prevent unnecessary attacks. One of the necessary measures to put in place is a bollard.

Petrol Station Bollards Infographic
Petrol Station Bollards Infographic

The Bollard is a short pole, made of steel, concrete, and sand that is usually fixed to the ground of diverse places ranging from parking lots, schools, hospitals, even to petrol station in order to ensure safety.

In petrol stations, the use of bollards are useful to prevent storefronts from accidental crashes. Installing bollards around the storefront helps prevent accidents due to pedal errors. Pedal errors can occur if the driver accidentally steps on the car accelerator instead of the brake. This can make the car jump forward and might crash into the store associated with petrol stations.

Even a professional driver can be susceptible to this kind of error. So why wait for an accident to occur before you take preventive measures?

Installing bollards on your store premise doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics. Safety bollards can have beautiful finishes that come with them. Thus, you can be protecting your storefront and beautify them simultaneously.

From all these, it is obvious that every petrol station and large retail stores should get bollards in their environment in order to minimize havoc, secure the lives and property around and also add beauty to the environment.

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