Bank Bollards

Using bollards in banks

Have you ever wondered why some banks are far more orderly than the others when getting into them or on their premises?

Bank Bollards Infographic
Bank Bollards Infographic

The answer is not far-fetched, if you investigate those banks, you’ll realize that they have metallic poles fixed to the ground and arranged in an orderly manner to coordinate the movement of people in and out of the bank. These not too tall metallic poles are called Bollards and they are the big secrets of most bank’s orderliness.

Bollards can come in different forms but the most common in banks are the security bollards fixed with knots into the ground. They are installed at strategic places within the bank in order to coordinate traffic flow in the bank. Bollards are also installed in bank car parks to control vehicle and pedestrian movement.

Bollards are also important in coordinating movements around the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). This ensures orderliness and to a great extent, the privacy and security of anyone making a transaction can be ensured. The protective bollards can be made in such that only one person can go in at a time to make their transactions.

The ATM is loaded with cash and this machine can also be located outside the bank area. Security Bollards are used to ensure that the cash and the machine are secured without any form of attack.

Another type of bollards used in the bank is the decorative bollards. They are easy to move to a different location due to the shallow mount installation with minimal or no excavation. This type of bollards can be installed on bank premises to indicate direction path or control pedestrian traffic flow. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bank premise.

Banks without Bollards might be at risk of lots of unpleasant stories so it’s essential to get them installed in order to prevent unnecessary risk.

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