Strongest crash-rated bollard in our range.

Vigorous Bollard is available in both automatic and fixed options. It provides a choice between unyielding defense and the versatility to allow for vehicle permeability. The Vigorous Bollard provides powerful perimeter control and offer an effective way of securing any entry point along with the assurance that your site is defended by the best.

The Vigorous Bollard is the perfect match for top security sites at risk for vehicle infringement.

Able to successfully stop a 30,000 kg (33t) truck traveling at 80 kph (50 mph) and capable of arresting secondary impacts without causing damages to the array.

Designed to be raised and lowered easily by one man, offering a critical safety feature.

High-quality manufacturing methods and materials that ensure dependable protection and durability.

Auto Retractable or Fixed

PAS 68 Rating, 30,000 kg vehicle at speed of 80 kph