Ideal for sites in which aesthetic appeal and security are both top priority.
Constructed with micro-structurally engineered steel, this City Security Bollard model is able to resist massive force without fracturing, ensuring unshakable support for every perimeter it forms. Each bollard exhibits a ribbed profile and peaked top, and even incorporates a front fascia where a corporate logo can easily be inserted.

Ideal for site in which aesthetic appeal and security are top priority.

PAS 68 impact protection certified.

Available in three variations: shallow mount, standard foundation, or lift-out.

Manufactured using high-quality methods to ensure dependable protection of multiple types of premises.

Its eye-catching shape and style are unique to the borough of City Bollard and its elegant appearance does an exquisite job of masking the formidable security perimeter that it forms.

Shallow mount, Removable or Fixed

PAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 80 kph