The ultimate opponent of any force that would seek to dislodge it.

Elegant security bollard is ultra-slim and provides immovable support against any opponent. They are present in many forms. Elegant bollard id flexible to offer any level of security for any site. You need them for maximum security for a fixed or semi-permanent area protection.

It’s perfect for locations with heavy human movement such as airports, downtown areas, and stadia.

Successfully passed a high-level test rating within BSI PAS 68, having resisted a vehicle penetration.

It’s available as a fixed model or lift out models with a shallow mount option, that requires less depth during installation.

It’s manufactured using world-class manufacturing strategies and materials that guarantee greatest protection and longevity.

Slim, super-strong structural design.

Fixed, Shallow mount and Removable

PAS 68 Rating, 1,500 kg vehicle at speed of 48 kphPAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 32 kph