The best temporary, pedestrian permeable security solution available today.
Whether you’re protecting an internal or external perimeter, Guard Bollard offers a straightforward security solution. Surface mounted crash-rated bollards that are not bolted to the surface in any way, allowing for minimal installation and removal to take place in a matter of minutes, a fraction of the time required by other traditional products.

Ideal solution for sites requiring rapid installation and removal.

This model is one of the first impact-tested surfaces mounted bollard systems ever to be made available and is PAS 68 impact protection certified. Easy to install and provide first-rate protection against vehicular threats.

They provide heightened security when needed, and leave the premise unscathed after they are removed.

Manufactured using high-quality methods and materials that ensure dependable protection and durability.

Whereas most HVM bollard models require a reasonable foundation depth. Guard Bollard are secured using planters to pin the array at each end.


PAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 48 kph