outraging every other shallow foundation bollard when it comes to strength and durability.

Heavy Bollard is the perfect type for areas that need most security perimeter without disrupting the landscape of the environment and you can install easily. Results have shown that a five bollards array can arrest a 7500 kg truck moving at 80 kph (50mph). Different crash tests targeted single bollards in the array showing that Heavy Bollard can achieve a complete dead stop of the truck without making amends between the crash tests.

Stadia, Government buildings, Airports and Transportation companies such as Railways.

Rigorously tested by the American ASTM standard as well as the British PAS 68 standard.

It can be installed easily within a short period and cost-effective due to its shallow mount features compared to other traditional deep foundation bollards designs. Requires little excavation for installation making Heavy Bollard shallower than other security barriers available in the market.

Manufactured using High-quality methods and materials that assure dependable protection and durability.

Shallow Mount

PAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 80 kphM50 Rating