Outperforming its counterparts in both strength and durability.

Though similar to the Robust Bollard model, the Solid Bollard has advanced features to outperform its counterpart in terms of strength and durability. Available as a fixed design, allowing for minimal investment upfront and requires minimal maintenance over the long term. It’s easily installed requiring a reinforced concrete foundation.

All sites requiring perimeter protection from a high-velocity vehicle attack such as Embassies, Shopping Centers, Factories, Airports, Commercial and Police Station.

Able to successfully stop a 7,500 kg vehicle traveling at 64 kph (40 mph), as compared to the Robust Bollard, which arrested the same truck traveling at 48 kph (30 mph).

A variety of finishes providing a unique style that also ensure protection against corrosion. The model can also be sleeved, while also performing a vital security function. Its Ultra-slim design allows easy pedestrian access while creating an impermeable barrier against vehicle penetration.

High-quality manufacturing methods and materials assure dependable protection and durability.
PAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 64 kph