Heavy duty security standing guard.
The Sturdy Bollard takes the traffic range of bollard systems one step further in terms of sleek design and security. These security bollards are ideal to provide secure perimeters around high profile sites, particularly those with heavy pedestrian traffic such as main streets and urban areas. With the exception of increased wall thickness, this product is identical to and fully compatible with the other bollard systems, meaning it can be retrofitted into any existing traffic system in order to improve upon pre-existing security.

Main streets and urban areas.

Impact-tested and PAS 68 certified, proven to arrest a 1,500 kg (1.6t) vehicle traveling at 32 kph (20 mph).

Available smart control options provide enhanced functionality including Sie Tag access, proximity card use, timed operations etc.

Manufactured using high-quality methods and mateassure to ensure dependable protection and durability.

Able to integrate with red and green indicator lights, which instruct users when it is safe to pass through the barrier (Loops are installed underground and serve to control lifting and lowering functions, timed with the passing of vehicles over the surface.

Auto Retractable

PAS 68 Rating, 1,500 kg vehicle at speed of 32 kph