Designed for maximum versatility, it offers the widest range of security potential.

Our Substantial Bollard is designed to ensure maximum versatility by offering the widest range of security potential for a variety of perimeter applications. These impact-tested security bollards are a phenomenally versatile product with a variety of protective features.

Ideal for sites where underground services are a concern such as City Center and Shopping Centers.

These HVM bollards are PAS 68 impact-tested to withstand the force of a vehicle weighing 7,500 kg (8.3t) traveling at 64 kph (40 mph) with very low penetration achieved.

Available models include fully automatic hydraulic operation, manual, lift-out, shallow mount, and fixed.

Made from high-impact structural steel and proven to prevent perimeter breaches while sustaining only superficial damage and maintaining its overall structural and material integrity.

It has a slim design to allow easy pedestrian passage and a variety of esthetic options across all our PAS 68 steel bollards, including attractive ornamental sleeves to optimize practical performance and enhance premise beautification.

Manual Retractable, Auto Retractable, Lift-Out, Shallow Mount or Fixed

PAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 48 kphPAS 68 Rating, 7,500 kg vehicle at speed of 64 kph