A fixed, high-security bollard specifically designed to fend off high-velocity vehicle attacks.

The Warrior Bollard is a fixed, high-security bollard specifically designed for sites where there is a need for protection against a high-velocity vehicle attack. An array of the Warrior Bollard can be used to create a physical barrier that protects pedestrians and buildings from vehicle infringement, while at the same time allowing pedestrians to easily pass between the bollards.

They are most commonly used and are ideal for any application from simple traffic control to the toughest perimeter defense needs.

Extensively tested and certified by the new international IWA 14 impact test standard and has been shown to successfully arrest a 7,200 kg (7.9t) truck traveling at 80 kph (50 mph).

Available in a variety of designs, allowing flexibility in terms of aesthetics (ensuring the model is compatible with both urban and rural settings). Exterior finishes provide resistance against corrosion, weather, and temperature variation.

High-quality manufacturing methods and materials to ensure the dependable protection of multiple types of premises.


IWA 14 Crash Rating, 7,200 kg vehicle at speed of 80 kph